Internal Landscapes/ Contemporary Palekh

acrylic painting, sea angel, russian painter, veta bakhtina, cosmic painting, undersea, landscape art, new painting, marine art, deep sea, art, fine art
See Angel 12×16 Acrylic on Masonite. 2018
rooster, oil painting, veta bakhtina, russian art, local art, art olympia, fineart, art for sale, landscape art,
Morning Crow. 24×36 Oil on Masonite 2017
Oil painting, russian art, palekh, landscape painting, new art, art for sale, olympia artist, local art, art collection, fine art, painting, art, artist, sale,
SOLD. Sophia 42×60 Oil on Masonite 2017
magical bunk bed, oil painting, palekh, russian art, fineart, art for sale, oil painting, veta bakhtina, yelizaveta bakhtina, russian painting, olympia washington, art collector, childrens illustration
The Magic Traveling Bunk Bed 24×36 Oil on Masonite. 2017
acrylic painting, squid, russian artist in olympia, veta bakhtina, yelizaveta bakhtina, undersea, fine art, art for sale olympia, cheep art,
Cuttleship. 5×7 Acrylic on wood. 2017
fish art, yelizaveta bakhtina, art for sale olympia, washington artist from russia, russian artist, muralist, prints for sale, fine art, new artist, emerging artist, undersea art,
SOLD> Peerahna. 5×7 Acrylic on ceramic board. 2017
fine art, russian art, art commission, cheep art, yelizaveta bakhtina, siren, symbolism, fine art, cheep art for sale olympia washington
Siren. 9×9 Oil on Masonite 2007
russian art for sale, yelizaveta bakhtina, russian artist in olympia, palekh, new art, artist of olympia, mural, commision art, creatures secrets, matreshka, nesting doll,
Matreshka. 12×16 Oil on canvas. 2018 
fine artist, yelizaveta bakhtina, russian artist in olympia, palekh, black paintings artist, home, little house in the mountains, river painting, new art olympia
Night Glow. 9×12 Oil on Canvas. 2017
Forest Strawberry. 8×8 Oil on Panel. 2019
Frog Terrarium. 8×8 Oil on Panel. 2019
Soft Time of Evening. 5×7 Oil on Canvas. 2019

Contact. 12×16 Mixed Media on wood. 2019

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