Мой Домовой

My Domovoy

is a 16 pc series in acrylic. Domovoy is a relic of pagan times alive today by the persistence of Slavic superstition. The phenomenon is personified as a mannish hairy creature. The keeper of the home.

On the outskirts of town you can be alone with your thoughts.

In the city you’re lucky if you can have a brief escape of them at all.

In every town, there is an overt face. Sometimes it is a mask.

And a private space.

Our town is like that. People leave the bars. Schlep through the puddles,

And close the door to their homes and tents.

The Domovoi is here too. The warm light in the window.

You can tell those homes apart who’s Domovoi has left for good.

Their light bounces from wall to wall, with nowhere to go and coming from nowhere at all.

And the light that has a heart, even if it’s the light of a match,

–It glows.

Midnight Domovoy 2016 Acrylic on wood
Midnight Shenanigans 2016 Acrylic on wood
Midnight Quandry 2016 Acrylic on wood
The Mask 2016 Acrylic on wood
Kukel and the Domovoy 2016 Acrylic on canvas
Missing You 2016 Acrylic on wood
Night Light 2016 Acrylic on wood
Through the Prism 2016 Acrylic on canvas
Midnight Conversations with Cat 2016 Acrylic on wood
Evening Conversations with Cat 2016 Acrylic on wood
Apparitions 2016 Acrylic on illustration board
Just Waking 2016 Acrylic on wood
Bookshop Domovoy 2016 Acrylic on wood
Ill Make for you a Muffin Couch 2016 Acrylic on canvas
Dymkovo Deer 2016 Acrylic on wood
Kissy Face 2016 Acrylic on wood


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